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bauforumstahl e.V. (BFS) and ProMaterial have agreed on a cooperation

bauforumstahl e.V. (BFS) and ProMaterial have agreed on a cooperation. The umbrella organisation for building with steel in Germany and the IT specialist plan to establish the UniversalTypes of buildingSMART International for the uniform description of building materials in the steel industry. To this end, the first steel products will be described, processed and mapped in sales and distribution on the basis of their product parameters using UniversalTypes. Concrete practical examples will be used to illustrate the added value for the partners involved in the process chain and will soon be demonstrated to members.

The members of BFS benefit from the UniversalTypes, which buildingSMART International (bSI) develops together with the industry and which are processed by ProMaterial as a service partner. UniversalTypes are a new, manufacturer-neutral description format for the properties of building products, which support manufacturers and dealers in presenting their product range with all features and advantages in a transparent and comprehensive manner with minimum maintenance effort in the distribution channels. UniversalTypes do not compete with other description systems, but complement them specifically for digital distribution.

The BFS represents the concerns of its members vis-à-vis politics, experts, media and the public, offers knowledge transfer and is involved in research and standardisation. The overriding goal is to promote steel construction, taking into account holistic aspects such as economic efficiency, safety, flexibility and sustainability. The approximately 350 members include all well-known German steel construction companies, suppliers and subsequent trades, architecture and engineering offices as well as colleges and universities.


More information: www.bauforumstahl.de


About ProMaterial:
ProMaterial is the new technology network specialized in e-sourcing and online distribution of building products. The innovative SaaS technology supports manufacturers and distributors to present and efficiently sell construction materials and products with excellent data quality via various channels on the Internet. ProMaterial itself is a technology supplier and not a market participant. All groups of buyers find information about the products in the required form, in industry software solutions, online marketplaces, BIM or calculation systems or more simply via web shop. Professional customers and end users can more conveniently order a wider range of products. Under the auspices of buildingSMART International (bSI), ProMaterial is working with the industry to develop a new manufacturer-neutral description format for the properties of construction products. UniversalTypes, supported by many other software partners, are introduced in 25 country organizations of bSI.

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