buildingSMART International Standards Summit·in Beijing, October 28-31, 2019

Randolf Mews gives update on UniversalTypes® at buildingSMART International Standards Summit in Beijing

At buildingSMART International Standards Summit·in Beijing, October 28-31, 2019, Randolf Mews will give an update on the new bSI initiative UniversalTypes®.

In the closing plenary on Thursday, October 31st, Randolf will explain how UniversalTypes support real-time sales of construction products and materials and the online sales process between manufacturers, distributors and buyers.

UniversalTypes in brief: In the construction industry today, manufacturers use a proprietary way of describing their products using their own criteria. For example, a drywall may be called plasterboard, gypsum board, wallboard, gypsum panel or sheetrock - all these words represent the exact same material. Therefore, direct product comparisons are not possible at present. Major improvements are possible using UniversalTypes for product descriptions. As UniversalTypes use standardized codes they not only enable cross-system information requests but also ensure that attributes such as "suitable for use in moist environments" and "water-resistant" are based on the same criteria.

The UniversalTypes unique language is a specific use case domain of the buildingSMART Data Dictionary (bSDD) and will enhance existing languages based on the ISO12006-3 standard. bSI will initially publish the language as a publicly available bSI SPEC and in due course, standardize and maintain the language for the benefit of the industry. As a member of bSI, ProMaterial has been able to expedite the process of creating a universal language by following the bSI SPEC methodology.

Agenda: https://buildingsmart.31huiyi.com/1687856882/index?pageId=1691224309