ProMaterial and Angerland-Data announce cooperation: Ordering of building products with Merlin

Düsseldorf/Ratingen, February 11, 2020 - Today, Angerland-Data and ProMaterial announced their  cooperation. The interior construction program Merlin will serve prices and product data of distributors online allowing users to directly place orders. An even bigger part of what used to be paperwork can now be done from within Merlin - fast and conveniently.

Angerland-Data is the leading IT service provider in interior construction. With Merlin, Angerland-Data provides the complete solution for tender, calculation and work preparation right up to billing and accounting. ProMaterial is the new technology network specialized in online sales of construction products. The innovative sales concept allows searching and buying construction products in a variety of sales channels.


With Merlin, the procurement of building materials becomes easier and without the user having to leave the software. The connection to the ProMaterial network allows getting product information, prices and availabilities from distributors and placing orders with them online. ProMaterial provides a modern application programming interface (API) allowing the implementation of the software sales process in any application. The API is implemented once by Angerland-Data in Merlin and thus all distributing partners in the network are connected. The new functionality is available if the distributor is part of the ProMaterial network and the user has an account with the distributor. The new functionality will be available with the upcoming release of Merlin, expected in Juli 2020. 


Dirk Schaper, CEO of ProMaterial, said: “We are very excited about the integration of distributor data, prices and availabilities in Merlin. The users of Angerland-Data will benefit from the convenient procurement of their construction materials.”



Photo from left to right: Dominic Blasius, Managing Director Angerland-Data and Dirk Schaper, CEO of ProMaterial at the digitalBAU in Cologne




ProMaterial GmbH  | CEO Dirk Schaper



ProMaterial is the new technology network specialized in the online distribution of construction products. The high-performance distribution solution enables manufacturers and distributors to present and efficiently sell construction materials and products with excellent data quality via various distribution channels on the Internet. ProMaterial itself is a technology supplier and not a market participant. All groups of buyers find information about the products in the required form, in industry software solutions, online marketplaces, BIM or calculation systems or more simply via web shop. Professional customers and end users can more conveniently order a wider range of products. Under the auspices of buildingSMART International (bSI), ProMaterial is working with the industry to develop a new manufacturer-neutral description format for the properties of construction products. UniversalTypes, supported by many other software partners, are introduced in 21 country organizations of bSI.


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