Our solution for manufacturers

With us you are able to

  • Prepare product data once and make it available to many distributors
  • buildingSMART International standards for worldwide scalability
  • Control your product presentation in all sales channels of all distributors
  • All sales channels always use product data in perfect quality
  • Connect web shops, BIM and software used by tradesmen with ease

Digitise and expand your sales network

Good products are the foundation for success in the marketplace. But todays market dynamics ask for more than simply good products. Online sales requires professionally managed data and a consistant - automatically synchronised - presentation throughout all sales channels. Expand your sales network and take advantage of the new digital opportunities. Presenting your products in a multitude of sales channels increases your brand visibility significantly. At the same time you keep full control over who is presenting and selling which of your products using the content you provided.

Prepare product data

One time preparation of your product data set with all properties, specifications, images and documents

Enrich product data

Make products visible by enriching product data with the description format UniversalTypes from buildingSMART International

Make products available

You decide in which sales channels your products are sold. Your optimal product data in all sales channels - always up to date.

Expand your business

Products are bought in new sales channels - like BIM, tradesman software, web shops and apps.

„Manufacturers can connect themselves instantly with the digital sales channels within their distributor networks.“

Dirk Scharper

Managing Director

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Our solution for distributors

With us you accomplish

  • You sell directly in the software of your customers (tradesman software, tender software, BIM)
  • Open your own digital sales channels
  • Cost reduction in obtaining and maintaining product data
  • Optimal product data, images, documents directly from the manufacturer
  • Effortless connection to your ERP system

Secure your digital market share

More and more customers buy building products online. This requires excellent product data quality.

Without any effort on your end you get up-to-date, complete and correct product data prepared for online sales directly from the manufacturer. Go where your customers are by selling products with customer specific pricing and real-time availability information directly in the software your customers use.

ERP system connection

We connect to your ERP system and display customer specific prices and real-time availability information in online sales channels.

Connect to manufacturers

Receive up-to-date, complete and correct product data prepared for online sales directly from the manufacturer.

Start your own digital sales channels

For a quick start use our white-label web shop solution or mobile app. Or simply connect your existing online sales channel.

Expand your reach

With only one click you sell your products in the software your customers use - for example tradesman software or BIM.

„Expand your digital sales reach and eliminate time consuming product data maintenance.“

Dirk Scharper

Managing Director

Open up your digital sales channels!

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Our solutions for contractors

With us you are able to

  • Accelerated and digital processes in your own material portal
  • access to optimally maintained product data and descriptions directly from the manufacturer
  • a digital connection with your specialist dealers
  • Buy your materials through your material portal from your specialist dealers

Integrate and network

Use your own material portal, which can be fully integrated into your IT landscape. Buy required building products digitally from your trading partners. In your material portal you have access to the latest product data of the manufacturers without any maintenance effort on your own. In addition, by connecting your dealers, you can display the prices and availabilities you have negotiated.

Create a material portal

We create your own material portal with you, which you use as an individual purchasing portal for your construction materials.

Connect with manufacturers

Without any maintenance effort on your part, you will receive product data, safety data sheets, performance declarations, installation instructions and much more directly from the manufacturer.

Connect with dealers

You get your agreed prices with the trade displayed directly in your material portal.

Order online

Order the products directly from your material portal at the selected dealer without media discontinuity.

„Accelerate your processes through digital networking with your trading partners“

Mark Schaper

Managing Director

Open up your digital sales channels!

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Our integration API

Make your software even more useful with...

  • Product data directly from the manufacturer
  • Consistent descriptions of product data
  • Availability and prices from the distribution network
  • Your customers order directly from within your software

Connect your software with the value chain

Make your software even more attractive: allow your customers to buy building products directly from within your software. Get free access to our API and run through a one-time implementation process. This connects your software with all current and future distributors and manufacturers in the network. Now your users are ready to buy online. This is how easily you can become a sales channel for construction products.

„Our state-of-the-art integration API allows for very easy integration into third-party software solutions.“

Mark Schaper

Managing Director

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