About us

„Our international network connects supply and demand and offers new opportunities for all market participants.“

Dirk Schaper


ProMaterial is the new technology network specializing in online sales of construction products. The innovative sales concept supports the search for and the purchase of building materials within milliseconds in different channels. ProMaterial already lists 200 manufacturers with 500,000 products for sale in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The high-performance sales solution enables manufacturers and distributors to present building materials momentarily via various sales channels on the Internet and to sell them efficiently. All buyer groups find information about products in the required format for use in BIM or calculation systems or more easily via a webshop, app or tablet. For construction companies and end customers, the order becomes more convenient and the offer richer and more transparent. As technology provider ProMaterial is not a market participant.

Preparing product data for online-sales

Central maintanance and optimization of all data required for online-sales. Changes are momentarily synchronised into all sales channels.

Powerful sales partner network

Present your offerings using a global network of distributors and partners. Use new sales channels and exchange product data and individually calculated prices efficiently while keeping full control.

Scalable technology with global reach

ProMaterial's high performance technology manages increasing web traffic and exponentially rising mobile traffic, so your product offerering is scalabale across multiple distribution channnels worldwide.


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