DVP Autumn Conference: ProMaterial presents solutions for a world with fewer digital media breaks

Dirk Schaper will present the topic "The digital DNA of our buildings - great potential for collaboration", at the Autumn Conference of the German Association for Project Management in the Construction and Real Estate Industry (DVP) on 8 November 2019 in Berlin. It provides an insight into how a new digital world in the construction industry will bring the involved partners closer together and will make collaboration more efficiently.

How will specifiers and buyers of construction products benefit from this new world? Whatinfluence does the manufacturer-neutral description of construction products have on the search for and selection of construction products? How do 4D models (3D + time), lean construction and ordering processes relate to the production of the ordered goods? How does trade and industry face the logistical challenges involved? Dirk Schaper gives first solutions for a world with fewer digital media breaks. 

Agenda: https://tagungen.dvpev.de/