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Significantly increasing interest in digitization and automation in the construction industry

The first days of the new year are over. We look back at a few ProMaterial highlights from 2022. We continue to see a significant increase in interest in digitization and automation in the construction industry. Market participants and especially construction software providers are networking.

In 2022, we cracked the 500 supplier catalog mark with over 5 million products and media. 58 million UniversalTypes describe the features of these products in a vendor-neutral way.  

1,600 active contractor-manufacturer-dealer connections we made in 2022. Interfaces and networking between all players result in a media break-free ordering process for the construction companies/tradesmen. 

We have already connected more than 50 digital purchasing and sales channels to the ProMaterial backend technology, such as e-sourcing material portals, B2B stores, marketplaces as well as costing software and CAD software.

We are looking forward to further sustainable growth in the coming years.

Your ProMaterial Team

About ProMaterial:
ProMaterial is the new technology network specialized in e-sourcing and online distribution of building products. The innovative SaaS technology supports manufacturers and distributors to present and efficiently sell construction materials and products with excellent data quality via various channels on the Internet. ProMaterial itself is a technology supplier and not a market participant. All groups of buyers find information about the products in the required form, in industry software solutions, online marketplaces, BIM or calculation systems or more simply via web shop. Professional customers and end users can more conveniently order a wider range of products. Under the auspices of buildingSMART International (bSI), ProMaterial is working with the industry to develop a new manufacturer-neutral description format for the properties of construction products. UniversalTypes, supported by many other software partners, are introduced in 25 country organizations of bSI.

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